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the Frankfurt School — an extension of Talmudic Judaism

György Lukács (aka Georg Lukács, Löwinger György Bernát, Georg Bernhard Lukács von Szegedin, Szegedi Lukács György Bernát) in 1919 when Deputy Commissar for Culture in the short-lived Bolshevik Bela Kun government in Hungary asked , “Who will save us from Western [Christian] civilization?”

Below is an excerpt from the private paper, Georg Lukács and the Frankfurt School: A Case of Secular Messianism by Joseph B. Maier, the last member of the Frankfurt School.  It was made public in 1989 when published in the book, Georg Lukács: Theory, Culture, and Politics.  Maier himself the son of an orthodox rabbi knows of what he writes.  He explains in his paper how the Frankfurt School is an extension of Talmudic Judaism.  Gershom Scholem, the Jewish historian, referred to the Frankfurt School as “the most interesting sect of German Jewry.” 

The members of the Frankfurt School were obsessed with the mystical elements of Talmudic Judaism (the Talmud, the Kabbalah, the Tanya) and the messianic strain that runs throughout the Talmudic ghetto culture which sees the Talmudic Jewish people collectively as the messiah.   The members of the Frankfurt School’s thinking and research was done, “in accordance with the Talmudic teaching of the forty-nine levels of meaning in every passage of the Torah.”  Along these same lines their racial supremacism comes forth in the attitude that only those who study the Oral Torah or Talmud are “the true elite… and should not be bothered with so vulgar an occupation as making money or working for it.”

The members of the Frankfurt School also saw history as a history of fulfillment and salvation.  Where would this salvation come from?  Publicly they told the world this salvation did not come from Jesus the Christ but would come from a proletariat revolution which is the key to the riddle of history —this proletariat would become the chosen people (of course only when they are led by their Talmudic masters and are espousing the anti-Christian political correctness).  Under political correctness, the Frankfurt School herds the masses into the Talmudic ghetto of the mind where hate, madness, sickness, depravity, perversions, and delusions reign.  An old trick of revolutionaries is to repeat the same lie over and over and over again getting entire masses to believe the lie to be the truth.  The Frankfurt School saw Christian civilization as in need of being destroyed hence, why they are attempting to invert and nullify everything about it.

Ever heard Francis go on about “memory” or “hope” or read in Evangelii Gaudium #222 that “time is greater than space”?  The Frankfurt School took these Hasidic ideas and developed them further as weapons to be used against the masses.  As Walter Benjamin writes in “Theses on the Philosophy of History” everything leads to the arrival of the Talmudic Jewish messiah.  The Frankfurt School is actively seeking to destroy Christianity in order to hasten this alchemical transformation.

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excerpt from private paper Georg Lukács and the Frankfurt
School: A Case of Secular Messianism by Joseph B. Maier

source: Georg Lukács and the Frankfurt School: A Case of Secular Messianism by Joseph B. Maier from Georg Lukács: Theory, Culture, and Politics (1989) pp. 56-61

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‘street theology’

STREET THEOLOGY: The de-Christianization or Great Escape from the reality of the post-modern Church from Vatican II to Pope Francis.  The cover portrays Francis as taking a selfie while riding a skateboard — this is accurate as Francis is a revolutionary who teaches not the Catholic Faith but the contrivances of the rabbis.

This is a book published in 2016 by one of the students of the late Romano Amerio (a critic of the Second Vatican Council), Professor Enrico Maria Radaelli.  His thesis is that ‘street theology’ like ‘street art’ — sneaking inside great art and museums these days — is working it’s way into the post-modern church under the guise of saving the church and you.  This guise is the opposite of what is taking place which is nothing less than the destruction of Catholic institutions and morals. 
Radaelli rightfully denounces theses destroyers of Christianity and ‘street theologians’ citing Psalm 73:
“They have annihilated a people, millions are exterminated, and in the meantime they talk of ecological problems and of mercy by putting [church] doctrine underneath the carpet with the dust. ... Just as the Psalm prophesied: They thought, ‘To destroy us all’; They have burned all the shrines of God in the land.”

The world is now one of fantasy and hyper-confusion where the eternal truths proclaimed by the Church are no longer proclaimed and in fact are ridiculed.  There is a reason for the vagueness of documents flowing from the Vatican which can be read a myriad of confusing ways depending on the perspective of the reader.  This Talmudic politically correct Novus Ordo which seeks to escape from reality leads one directly into the schizophrenia of noahidism.  Pray for those pewsitters in the Novus Ordo who are being inculcated with this ‘street theology’ that they may wake from the nightmare.

The presentation of Street Theology written by Professor Enrico Maria Radaelli at the Festival di Fede & Cultura 2016 — interview with Msgr. Antonio Livi

the new evangelization in North Carolina

Pro-homosexual and acolyte of Vatican II, Msgr. John McSweeney, ran the largest parish 
in the United States with 10,000-plus families until he retired on 16 July 2017 .

“I’m going to try to walk in the sandals of the Lord” 
During an interview with the Observer, he spoke candidly about a Catholic Church he thinks has often put the Book of Law before the Book of Love.
Echoing Pope Francis – the fifth pontiff to reign during McSweeney’s time as a priest – he’d like the church and the diocese to be more about hospitality and less about judgment. That means, he said, being more welcoming: Of divorced-and-remarried Catholics, of LGBTQ persons, and of others who have long felt excluded by the church. 
With too few diocesan priests, including in Charlotte, where the Catholic population is booming, McSweeney said he’d also support the church re-opening the door to married priests by making celibacy optional – as it was the first 1,000 years of Roman Catholicism. 
“And many men I was in the (Catholic) seminary with would be great priests today except for one thing,” he added, that one thing being their desire to get married. 
Revolt brewing? 
McSweeney said he’s also “very concerned” that many of the priests graduating from seminaries these days are too conservative and could spur a revolt by Catholics in the pews against the priests’ efforts to stifle the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. Also known as Vatican II, this council in the 1960s embraced church reform, including expanding the role for lay Catholics and celebrating the Mass in the local language more so than in Latin. 
“The population that is the worshiping Catholic community have no understanding or history of pre-Vatican II,” he said. “They weren’t born (yet). The same with these young priests.” 
McSweeney said Vatican II called for active lay participation in the liturgy, or Mass. “What I see happening (at some parishes) is that is not happening,” he said. “It’s being stopped.” 
Lay people, particularly women, are not being permitted, for example, to dispense Communion as Eucharistic ministers. Altar boys are allowed, but not altar girls. 
These young priests, McSweeney said, “are trying to reform the reform. ... I don’t endorse what they’re doing to God’s people.” 
Recently, at a Catholic church in Waynesville, which is part of the Charlotte diocese, the pastor resigned after many from the congregation left to protest his insistence, for example, of replacing popular hymns with the ancient Gregorian chant. 
McSweeney, who participates in celebrating an annual Mass for gay and lesbian Catholics in the the diocese, said his issue with Mecklenburg Ministries was “you don’t tell me who to invite.” 
McSweeney also said he “won’t go there” in taking a stand on whether women should be ordained priests in the Catholic Church. Recent popes, including Francis, have said it will never happen, even though several large mainline Protestant denominations have been ordaining women clergy for years. 
But McSweeney does favor letting women become deacons, which would give them the authority to preach at Mass, baptize and perform weddings.
And the monsignor said about 95 percent of his 63 staffers at St. Matthew are women, including the church’s chief financial officer, its chief of facilities and most of its clinical counselors.

source: The Charlotte Observer, Let married men become priests, says pastor of America’s largest Catholic church

Are they there to worship God or Msgr. McSweeney?

Honored by his local Congressman Robert Pittenger in his 1 minute address to  the U.S. House of Representatives

What’s the difference between 
this mess and protestantism?

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Who does papal biographer George Weigel work for?

George Weigel writes in his autobiography, Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II,
“The cross beneath which I wrote Witness to Hope and The End and the Beginning is a framed reproduction of Marc Chagall’s White Crucifixion.”

Here we have Chagall’s blasphemous portrayal of Jesus as a Hasidic ‘Christ denying’ Jew turning up once again.  Not only is this Francis’ favorite painting but George Weigel’s as well.   Why would a ‘Catholic’ write two biographies of John Paul II under a painting with the inscription, above a crucified Jesus, which is a Hebrew rabbinic acronym for, “May his name and his memory be wiped out”?

Who is Weigel revealing this fact for?  Looking at George Weigel’s behavior elsewhere: we see that he endorses the Kabbalistic Gnosis of Rabbi Abraham ‘I Want to Attack Christians’ Souls’ Heschel; has written, “Christian supersessionism — the notion that ‘the people of God of Israel has ceased to exist’ — is heresy and must be firmly rejected.”; has connections to IDF Intelligence and MEMRI (known for its fraudulent translations and cherry picking of Arabic clips) via Yigal Carmon; supports the Jonathan Institute’s creation the ‘War on Terror’; and associates with a slew of neo-cons among them Menahem Milson.

It’s obvious that Weigel isn’t a Catholic nor does he serve Jesus the Christ.  In his autobiography his occultic nod, like Francis, to Chagall’s blasphemous painting is a form of ritual mockery showing whom he serves.  This taken together with the other evidence shows that George serves Orthodox Judaic supremacists.

For more information see:

Pro-homosexual Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos explains how he will runs diocese of Caicó

Here we listen to Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos give his Novus Ordo version of what the church is and how he will run the diocese of Caicó.  He mentions that his predecessor (Bishop Manuel Tavares de Araújo) signed the Pact of the Catacombs, sold the bishop’s palace (aka the fortress), and moved to a more simple residence then proceeded to make the focus of his ministries the poor and the peripheries (ala Francis).  Cruz Santos clarifies by what is meant by peripheries — it is not just geographical but also means bringing the Novus Ordo to drug addicts and people who are shunned because of the gender they identify as.  Then, Cruz Santos explains that catholic means universal so it has to include everyone.  Next he goes on to decry human trafficking for sex workers, illegal adoptions, and slave labor but has the chutzpah to blames all of this on those who are silent and say they know nothing about it.  In Cruz Santos’ book silence equals consent even when one has never seen human trafficking.   Finally this sad man says that he wants to walk together with the people of his diocese.

This pro-homosexual bishop spews heresies out faster than Francis does in this video.  He has a heretical ideas of what the Catholic Church is; that the Church discriminates against sinners even if they do not support the sin; rebels against the Church as a teacher; believes the in the concept of sin as defined by the Marxist liberation theology; believes people who morally discriminate are committing a social sin (i.e. people who don’t want their children around drug addicts or homosexuals); and doesn’t believe in the need for individual redemption.

Gee, who does this bishop remind us of...Francis?  We’ll he should as that’s who promoted him to be the bishop of Caicó, Brazil in 2014.